April 2012 Tournament Registration

Registration is now open for the April Pairs t0urnament. The tournament will be held on April 21st at Prospect Road Community Center. The tournament will be starting later than normal (11:00am), so we can sleep in a bit before we hit the court.

Registered Teams

  1. Barry and Laura Lee

  2. Leigh and Aven

  3. Steve and Marlene

  4. Kevin and Sophie

  5. Paddy and Courtney

  6. Stan and Allison

  7. Cornelia and Mark

  8. Pierette and Ryan

  9. Amy and Andy

  10. James and Amanda

  11. Luke and Amanda

  12. Amina and Jordan

  13. Krista and TBA

  14. Andrew and Sara-Anne

  15. Jay and Chelsea

  16. Robert and TBA

  17. Ivan and Lori

  18. Randy and Leanne

  19. Scott and Sarah

Waiting List

  1. Sam and Brian