April 2014 Tournament Registration

As we had to cancel the March tournament due to unforeseen circumstances, we are planning on running TWO tournaments in April. The first is a Saturday NIGHT affair. 6-9pm on April 12th at Prospect Road Community Center. Once the tournament wraps, we are heading to Eastside Mario’s for some bevvies.

The second tournament will run on April 26th will run from 9:00am until noon.

Here is the deal. If you choose to play in BOTH tournaments, the cost will be $50 for BOTH tournaments. If you are only planning to play in one, then it is regular price. Now here is the catch. If you choose to play in both tournaments, we will of course offer prizes for both tournaments, however, your score will carry over to tournament #2. For example – if in tournament 1 you finish with a score of +22 – that is the score you start tournament #2 with. If you finish tournament #2 with a score of -2, then your cumulative score is +20. Make sense? So – the winners of the dual tournament will collect the regular prizes from the tournament, along with a bonus CASH prize.

April 12th Registration

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Robert and Melissa
  3. Tyler and Partner
  4. Chris and Jane
  5. Michelle and Jonathan
  6. Graham and Sophie
  7. Meg and Travis
  8. Randy and Erika
  9. Aaron and Allison
  10. Jessica and John
  11. Shannon and Amanda
  12. Kaylee and Alex
  13. Stan and Allison
  14. Chelsea and Jay
  15. Kim and Ben
  16. James and Jessica
  17. Kelsie and Jason
  18. Scott and Erin
  19. Raessa and Robert

April 26th Registration

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Robert and Melissa
  3. Chris and Jane
  4. Michelle and Jonathan
  5. Graham and Sophie
  6. Melissa and Tom
  7. Meg and Travis
  8. Leigh and Aven
  9. Randy and Erika
  10. Aaron and Allison
  11. Jessica and John
  12. Chelsea and Jay
  13. Kelsie and Jason
  14. Scott and Kaylee