April 26th 2014 Tournament Registration

Below are the registered teams for the April 26th tournament to be held at Prospect Road Community Center. First serve is at 9:00am. If you played in the April 12th tournament, your overall score will be added to the result of this tournament to determine the overall winner. If you didnt play in the first tournament in April, no problem, we will still have the regular prizes.

  1. Barry and Carla
  2. Robert and Melissa
  3. James and Jessica
  4. Michelle and Jonathan
  5. Graham and Sophie
  6. Melissa and Tom
  7. Meg and Travis
  8. Leigh and Aven
  9. Randy and Erika
  10. Aaron and Allison
  11. Jessica and John
  12. Chelsea and Jay
  13. Kelsie and Jason
  14. Scott and Kaylee
  15. Shannon and Amanda
  16. Randy and partner
  17. Ivan and Lori
  18. Kim and Ben
  19. Jason and Jessica