December 2017 Tournament Registration

Registration is open for the Christmas edition of Pairs. We are playing on Saturday December 16th in the evening (first serve at 6:30pm), at Prospect Road Community Center. Bring out your ugly Christmas what evers (shirts, sweaters, etc), and be entered to win some bonus prizes! Below are the registered pairs.

  1. Scott and Heather *
  2. Tyler and Selena *
  3. Carla and Josh
  4. Diogo and Adi
  5. Graeme and partner
  6. Shane and Leanne *
  7. Pierette and Scotty *
  8. Jamie and Meg
  9. Freddie and Michelle
  10. Adam and Emelye
  11. Chris and Jessica *
  12. Ijjieh and Wayne
  13. Mark and Tera
  14. Ivan and Lori
  15. Paddy and Annette