February 2009 Pairs Tournament

Good morning everybody (an especially good morning to you teachers out there who have no school). We just confirmed that our next Pairs Tournament will be run on February 28th 2009, at Fairview Jr High (Auburn was booked solid). Please sign up ASAP, as this tournament is sure to be sold out quickly.

Registered Pairs

  1. Ben Welsh and Kristen Welsh
  2. Glenn Briand and Renee Gaudet
  3. Sophie and Kevin Reid
  4. John and Kate
  5. Luke DeWitt and Amanda Nicholson
  6. Leigh and Ramona
  7. Peter and Andrea M
  8. Denis and Jackie
  9. Scott and Pierette
  10. Paul and Stephanie
  11. Maria and Shannon
  12. Darlene and Tyler
  13. Barry and Michelle
  14. Sarah McGuire and Brad Stronach
  15. Gillian Clarke and Eddy
  16. Paddy Wong and Annette Simmons
  17. Robert Panahi and Melissa
  18. Tim Markusson and Laura Lee Markusson
  19. Trent Clarke and Carla Smith

Waiting List

  1. Ivan Howard and Steph Simpson
  2. William Hirtle and Cynthia Sarka
  3. Craig Maclachlan and Erin Wyand
  4. Jorma Greenwood and Meghan Corkum
  5. Richard Gavin and TBA
  6. Scott Musgrave and Pierette Nantel