February 26th 2011 Registration

The February Pairs Tournament will be held on February 26th at 9:00am at Prospect Road Community Center.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Gill and Shannon
  3. Leigh and Aven
  4. Paul P. and partner
  5. Tyler and Tina
  6. Pierette and Jay
  7. Ivan and Lori
  8. Robert and Meaghan P.
  9. Ben and Kristen
  10. Luke and Amanda
  11. Stephanie and Mitch
  12. Glenn and Jenn H
  13. Paddy and Sharon
  14. Catherine and Brian
  15. Jamie and Meaghan
  16. Kevin and Sophie
  17. Scott and Jenn H
  18. Scott M and Amanda
  19. Dave and Rebecca

Waiting List

  1. Jane and Phil
  2. James and Jess