January 2020 Pairs Tournament

We are back baby! Time for some pairs volleyball action in 2020! The first tournament of the new year is scheduled for January 18th at Prospect Road Community Center. First serve is at 9:00am. As usual, once the tournament wraps up, we will head to Eastside Mario’s for some cheap food. Below are the registered Pairs.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Tyler and Andrea *
  3. Colin and Margaret
  4. Andrew and Elise
  5. Scottie and Amanda *
  6. Travis and Tenaya
  7. Shane and partner *
  8. Niklas and Allison
  9. Stephanie and Neil
  10. Marie-eve and Francois
  11. Diogo and Emily
  12. Kris and Selena *
  13. Patricia and Eli
  14. Chris and Kathleen *
  15. Brad and Courtney *