June 2017 Tournament Registrations

Hey gang. Next Pairs Tournament is June 10th at Prospect Road Community Center. After the tournament, we are headed to our house for a BBQ. It is BYOB, Michelle and I will provide the food, and the crazy BBQ skillz. Below are the registered pairs.

  1. Robert and Michelle
  2. Diogo and Adi
  3. Pierette and Scottie
  4. Ivan and Lori *
  5. Carla and Josh *
  6. Graham and partner
  7. Randy and Kim *
  8. Jamie and Meg
  9. Shane and Leanne
  10. Richard and Selena
  11. Adam and Christine
  12. Tatjana and Josh
  13. Romi and Caroline
  14. Fiona and Stephan
  15. Kevin and Hilarie
  16. Vener and Faith *
  17. Neil and Stephanie