June 2018 Pairs Tournament

The last Pairs tournament of the season is scheduled for Saturday June 9th at Prospect Road Community Center. First serve is at 9:00am. After the tournament, we will NOT be headed to Eastside Mario’s, instead we will be headed somewhere for some BBQ and beer/rum/tequila/vodka/cider/win/moonshine. We are working on an un-named player (Scotty) to host us at his house with his super awesome BBQ. If he declines, we will be headed to Casa Browne.
Below are the registered Pairs.

  1. Chris and Michelle
  2. Leanne and Shane
  3. Diogo and Kyra
  4. Carla and Josh *
  5. Danielle and Ryland
  6. Tatjana and Jason
  7. Robert and Natalie *
  8. Patricia and Nik
  9. Selena and partner
  10. Virginia and Alex *
  11. Ivan and Lori
  12. Graham and Brit
  13. Pierette and Scotty
  14. Fiona and Stephane *
  15. Ijjieh and Fred
  16. Brian and Faith
  17. Romi and Maddison
  18. Ralph and Kathleen