March 2010 Tournament Registration

The next pairs tournament is March 27th at Sackville Heights Jr. High. As always the tournament will start at 9:00 am sharp. Those who are registered, are paid in full.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Sarah and Brad
  3. Scott and TBA
  4. Jackie and Denis
  5. Mitch and Stephanie
  6. Gill and Shannon
  7. Leigh and Aven
  8. Paul and Andrea
  9. Jessi and Adam
  10. Ivan and Pierette
  11. Kevin and Sophie
  12. Dave and Rebecca
  13. Luke and Amanda
  14. Glenn and Renee
  15. Paddy and Arlene
  16. Lori and Rich
  17. Margo and Robert
  18. Tyler and Darlene
  19. John and Kate


  1. Paul and Stephanie