March 2015 Tournament Registration

The March Pairs Tournament is scheduled for March 14th at Prospect Road Community Center. First serve is at 9:00am. Below are the current registered teams.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Meg and Jamie
  3. Scotty B and Brittany
  4. Pierette and Scotty
  5. Jimmy and Kirsten
  6. Robert and Jill
  7. Andrew and Raeesa
  8. Leigh and Aven
  9. Jason and Natalie
  10. Kelsie and Tim
  11. Rich and Ariel
  12. Paddy and Sharon
  13. Allison and Mark
  14. Graham and Brittany
  15. James and Nicole
  16. Scott and Leah *
  17. Jess and John
  18. Jared and Laurie
  19. Heather and Alfie