March 2018 Tournament Registration

Top of the morning! Next tournament is on Saint Patricks Day. A.k.a Paddys Day (not Patty’s day). This is a costume tournament. Wear something to celebrate the Irish in all of us, and get entered to win bonus prizes. Below are the registered pairs.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. John and Jessica
  3. Diogo and Kyra
  4. Robert and Emily
  5. Jamie and Meg
  6. Freddy and Elise
  7. Paddy and Sharon
  8. Pierette and Scotty
  9. Chris and partner
  10. Ijjieh and Brian
  11. Neil and Stephanie
  12. Olivia and Rene
  13. Chelsea and Jay
  14. Tatjana and Jason
  15. Graham and partner
  16. Josh and Allison
  17. Fiona and Adam
  18. Andrew and partner *