March Tournament 2012

The March Pairs Tournament will be back at Prospect Road community center on the 10th, starting at 9:00am. The cost will drop down to the usual $30 for the tournament.

Registered Pairs

  1. Barry and Laura Lee

  2. Leigh and Aven

  3. Paul and TBA

  4. Tyler and Jackie

  5. Steve and Marlene

  6. Robert and Amanda

  7. James and Annette

  8. Jamie and Meg

  9. Ivan and Lori

  10. Erin M. and TBA

  11. Glenn and Renee

  12. Andrew J. and Sara-Anne

  13. Cornelia and Dylan

  14. Allison and Stan

  15. Eric and Brittany

  16. Amy and Andy

17 Scott M and Allison