May 2009 Tournament - Registered Teams

Registration is now open for our May Pairs Tournament, which will take place on the 9th of May at Auburn. As always, the cost is $35 per team. We look forward to seeing you at the tournament. Registered teams are paid in full.

Registered Teams

  1. Michelle and Barry

  2. Steve and Gill

  3. Leigh and Ramona

  4. Tim and Laura Lee

  5. Sarah and Brad

  6. Dave Conrad and Rebecca

  7. Robert and Melissa

  8. Carla and Richard

  9. John and Kate

  10. Sandi and Chad

  11. Scott and Kim

  12. Kerri and Brian

  13. Ivan and TBA

  14. Claude and Stephanie

  15. Meghan Smith and George Shum

  16. Glenn and Renee

  17. Tyler and Darlene

  18. Luke and Amanda

  19. Denis and Jackie

Waiting List

  1. Maria and Shannon

  2. Arlene and Jason

  3. Pierette and Scott

  4. Melanie and Mitchell