May 2010 Tournament Registration

Our last Pairs tournament of the year is to be held May 29th at Sackville Heights Jr High. Currently we are planning to have the after party at Shannon’s house (if his schedule permits) where we will be selling burgers/dogs and beer in order to raise money for GiveToLive. Tyler Crowdis is cycling to Texas this summer, and needs to raise some cashola. It is sure to be an awesome tournament, followed by a legendary afterparty.

  1. Barry and Michelle
  2. Tim and Laura Lee
  3. Denis and Jackie
  4. Scott and Anita
  5. Dave C and TBA
  6. Leigh and TBA
  7. Glenn and TBA
  8. Gill and Shannon
  9. Ivan and TBA
  10. Tyler and TBA
  11. Romy and Crystal
  12. Luke and Amanda
  13. Marc and TBA
  14. Paddy and TBA
  15. Robert and Margo
  16. Lori and Rich
  17. Claude and Randall
  18. Lars and TBA
  19. Mike and Tina

Waiting List.

  1. Mike and Kristen

  2. Marc and Kellie