May 2012 Tournament Registration

The next Pairs Tournament is scheduled for May 27th (Sunday) at Prospect Road Community Center. This will be another 10:00am start unfortunately. Registration is open now.

Registered Teams

  1. Barry and Michelle

  2. Mark and Cornelia

  3. Tim and Laura Lee

  4. James and Amanda

  5. Scott and Amanda

  6. Leigh and Aven

  7. Lenardo and Emily

  8. Steve and Marlene

  9. Robert and Kelsie

  10. Krista and Steve

  11. Amina and Jordan

  12. Randy and Erica

  13. Andrew and Sara-Anne

  14. Tyler and TBA

  15. Meg and Jamie

  16. Randy and Leanne

  17. Pierette and Jared

  18. Amy and Andy

  19. Lori and Ivan