November 2011 Tournament Registration

The November tournament is scheduled November 19th at 9:00am at Prospect Road Community Center. You are not considered to be registered, until you are paid in full.

Registered Teams

  1. Barry and Gill
  2. Sophie and Kevin
  3. Tyler and Jackie
  4. Leigh and Aven
  5. Jay and Chelsea
  6. Paul and Stephanie
  7. Luke and Amanda
  8. Dave and Rebecca
  9. Jamie and Meg
  10. Pierette and Ryan
  11. John and Kate
  12. Cornelia and Mark
  13. James and Katelyn
  14. Ivan and Lori
  15. Robert and Sam
  16. Katherine and Randy
  17. Scott and Amanda
  18. Paddy and TBA
  19. Glenn and Renee