November 2014Tournament Registration

Originally we had planned to have November be run as two distinct tournaments, one for me and one for the ladies; however November will be a traditional tournament. If you would like to see a womens/mens only pairs tournament, let us know, and we will get it booked. Below are the registered teams for the November tournament.

  1. Barry and Pierette
  2. Leigh and Aven
  3. Andrew and Raeesa
  4. Robert and partner
  5. James and Nicole
  6. Scott and Leah
  7. Jimmy and Susan
  8. Jamie and Meg
  9. Paddy and Sharon
  10. Travis and Michelle
  11. Geordon and Stephanie
  12. Taylor and Stephanie
  13. Kaylee and Mark
  14. Jason and Natalie
  15. Dave and Leigh
  16. Heather and Callum