Pairs Tournament - August 26th 2011

Our first pairs tournament of the year is scheduled for next Friday night (August 26th) from 6-9pm at Prospect Road Community Center. This is more of a “warm up” tournament, as we will be reverting back to our normal Saturday morning tournaments in September. Registration is now open; the cost remains the same at $15 per player, or $30 per team.

By the way, we also have a brand new Facebook group, so be sure to “like” us.

Registered Teams

  1. Barry and Gill
  2. Jamie and Meg
  3. James and Kim Cody
  4. Tyler and Amy
  5. Ivan and Lori
  6. Robert and Laura
  7. Jay and Chelsea
  8. Kim and Paddy
  9. Glenn and Jax
  10. Pierette and Ryan
  11. John and Kate
  12. Scott and Rebecca
  13. Stephanie and Randy