Pairs Volleyball - At Night

August 13th marks the first time we will run a Pairs tournament during the summer months. It also marks the first time we are running a pairs tournament at night (this way you won’t feel so bad about drinking a ton of beer right afterwords).

The tournament is going to run from 6:00pm until 9:00pm at a gym in the HRM (sorry peeps from Dartmouth, but you are going to have to cross the bridge for this one.) We got mixed responses when we sent out the email gauging peoples interest, so we are going to open registrations, with one provision, we need at least twelve teams (pairs) to run it. I know a lot of folks are playing in the valley the next day, so consider this a warmup tournament before hitting the beach.

See you all on the 13th.

p.s. We managed to score a pretty good deal on the gym, so we have dropped the price of this tournament to $30 per team. You can use that extra five bucks to buy some beer at the after party.