Pairs Volleyball Funnies

Here are a few fairly funny things I came across while browsing the interweb.How to Tell If Your New Volleyball Team Sucks

  1. Each of your new team-mates walk on the court wearing things like; a) a plain white t-shirt or hockey sweater. b) thin kneepads, polyester shorts, and baseball cap turned backwards. b) knee-pads over their sweat pants. c) equipment from other sports such as elbow pads, batting gloves, and safety goggles. d) black dress socks inside their sneakers!

  2. You ask your Captain if they run a 5-1 or a 6-2 and she looks
    puzzled and replies, “I’m five-six?!?”

  3. You ask who does the setting and they tell you they all take

  4. They use the word “spike” to excess (as in;
    “I’m a good spiker,” or “Nice spike,” or “Spike

  5. You ask them if they’ve played in a competitive league
    before and they reply, “Yes, most of us played on the same intramural
    team in high school.”

  6. You ask what position they each play and they scratch their
    heads and say, “We always rotate.”

  7. You ask if its time to warm up so they all stand in a small
    circle and volley one ball around.

  8. You hand dig a line shot that could have torn your face off
    and your team-mates all clap and yell, “Nice bump!”

  9. After your first serve your captain says, “Wooo, Kewl,
    looks like at least one of us is brave enough to serve overhand this

  10. They can’t understand why the referee DOESN’T stop play
    when someone breaks a nail, but they do look confused when the referee DOES stop
    the play because THEY touched the net.