Pairs Volleyball is Back for 2008

It’s that time of year again. Time to wash off all that sand and head back into the gym for another season of Pairs Volleyball action. The first tournament of the season will be held at Auburn High in Dartmouth on September 29th at 9:00am.

For those of you who have played in the past, there will be a slight change to the way registrations/payments are handled. Going forward, payment will be required in advance to ensure your spot. Last year we had several tournaments where a team or two simply failed to show up. Due to the format of the tournament, this makes for a very rough day from an organizational standpoint. Additionally, if we are not worrying about collecting money on the day of the tournament this will give us more time to setup nets, handout schedules and get the tournament running on time.

Once registration for the tournament opens, there will be several methods of payment available, including Cash, Cheque, Paypal, and email money transfer.