Pairs Volleyball is back. Maybe

Hello everyone. It’s about time we started to lose the flip-flops and put your sneakers

back on for another season of Pairs Volleyball action. We hope. As some of you are

aware, HRM has increased the gym rental fees for this season, and if that wasn’t bad

enough, our insurance premiums have also gone up.

As a result, we cannot afford to run Pairs Volleyball without making some changes

to the way the tournaments organized. For the last few seasons, we have given

out prizes to the top five teams, with the top team getting $50 cash, and their

pick of the prizes. Unfortunately, this season, it looks like only the top three

teams will receive prizes, and the $50 cash prize is going the way of the dodo

(for those of you who don’t know what happened to the dodo, check out

this article ;hint, it’s extinct).

To be sure that Michelle and I aren’t the only people at the gym in September,

we ask you all to please stop by the website, and vote in our poll so we know

where we stand.