Pairs Volleyball - January 2009 Tournament

This tournament is going to act as a “makeup” tournament that we were supposed to run on November 22nd. All the people that are registered are paid. This tournament will be run on January 24th at 9:00am. If you cannot make it for this date, please let us know.

** Registered Pairs **

  1. Barry and Michelle (Confirmed)

  2. Andrew G and Allison Saunders (Confirmed)

  3. Denis and Jackie (Confirmed)

  4. Leigh and Ramona (Confirmed)

  5. Dave and Maria (Confirmed)

  6. Paul and Andrea (Confirmed)

  7. Claude and Stephanie (Confirmed)

  8. Darlene and Shannon (Confirmed)

  9. Tim and Laura Lee (Confirmed)

  10. Jorma and Meghan (Confirmed)

  11. Pierette and Scott Musgrave (Confirmed)

  12. Jeff and Kim (Confirmed)

  13. Kerri and Shawn (Confirmed)

  14. Robert and Chelsea (Confirmed)

  15. Paddy Wong and Arlene Perry (Confirmed)

  16. Gillian Clarke and Tyler Crowdis (Confirmed)

  17. William Hirtle and Cynthia Sarka (Confirmed)

  18. Sarah McGuire and Brad Stronach (Confirmed)