Pairs Volleyball October 2009 Tournament - NEW DATE

It looks like a lot of you were busy for the date we had chosen for the September tournament, so lets try this again. The first Pairs Volleyball Tournament of the year will be played on October 24th at Auburn High in Dartmouth. We only accept 19 teams per tournament, so please sign up early to ensure you get in. As always, the tournament will run from 9:00am until noon, and the cost is $35 per team. If you have any questions, please email us.

You are only considered registered if you are paid in full

  1. Barry and Michelle

  2. Paddy and Arlene

  3. Leigh and Aven

  4. Denis and Jackie

  5. Robert and Victoria

  6. Glenn and Renee

  7. Chelsea and Tom

  8. Nikki and Daniel

  9. Luke and Amanda

  10. Danny and Cindy

  11. John and Kate

  12. Steve and Marlene

  13. Dave and Rebecca

  14. Tyler and Darlene

  15. Scott and Jenn

  16. Sarah and Brad

  17. Meghan S and George

  18. Jeff and Angela

  19. Gill and Claude


  1. Pierette and Adam

  2. Scott and Anita