Pairs Volleyball Registration - November 22nd 2008

Registration is now open for the next Pairs Volleyball Tournament which will be held on November 22nd at 9:00am at Auburn High. Those who are considered registered, are paid in full.

** Registered Pairs **

  1. Barry and Gill

  2. Andrew G and TBA

  3. Denis and Jackie

  4. Leigh and Aven

  5. Dave and Maria

  6. Ben and Kristen

  7. Sophie and Kevin

  8. Paul and Stephanie

  9. Claude and Stephanie

  10. Darlene and Shannon

  11. Tim and Laura Lee

  12. Jorma and Meghan

  13. Pierette and TBA

  14. Jeff and Kim

  15. John and Kate

  16. Glenn and Renee

  17. Kerri and Shawn

  18. Robert and Chelsea

  19. Paddy Wong and Arlene Perry

Waiting List

  1. William Hirtle and Cynthia Sarka

  2. Cindy Davis and Craig MacLachlan