Pairs Volleyball Top Ten

Top 10 Reasons You Are Not Likely To Get Good Sets1. Your neck is getting stiff from looking up at the players on either side of you.

  1. Half your doubles team is missing.

  2. You vaguely remember a conversation with your setter at last
    night’s party where you used the phrases “totally stupid”, “no
    talent”, “stone hands”, and “who needs you”.

  3. The only real setter in the gym has long ears, wags his tail
    and barks.

  4. The referee believes any ball contacted above the waist is a

  5. The setter and one of the hitters arrive holding hands, and
    constantly refer to each other as “honey”.

  6. Your new setter tells you she prefers to “bump
    set” rather than “overhand volley”.

  7. The five new members of your team are trying to convince you
    that each time you rotate, whomever is in the front middle, should do the

  8. Your only setter is having trouble getting in the gym
    because of his crutches.

  9. The competitor’s first serve knocks down all three of your
    back court players.