Registered Pairs: April 28th 2007 Tournament

Our next Pairs Volleyball tournament will be run April 28th at 9:00am at Auburn High in Dartmouth. Below are the registered pairs.

  1. Barry Browne and Michelle Ryan

  2. Jeff Peh and TBA

  3. Angela Dutch and Joe Skelton

4, Ivan Howard and Tenille

  1. Denis Dyer and Jackie Sebetovsky

  2. Andrew Jeans and Jocelyn Casford

  3. Laura Lee Markusson and Husband

  4. Aven Cole and Leigh Whalen

  5. Shawna Shirley and Tyler Crowdis

  6. Danny Godfry and TBA

  7. Craig MacLachlan and Cindy Davis

  8. Stan Robar and TBA

  9. Claude Daniel and Stephanie Coffill

  10. Ben Welsh and Kristen Welsh

  11. Mike Hall and Jill Byrne

  12. Andrew Gilyan and Jane McCurdy

  13. Yassir Haidar and Anita King

  14. Jesse Rebinson and Robert Panahi

  15. Scott Thompson and Heidi Hiltz