Registered Pairs For April Tournament

Here are the players who have signed up for the April 26th Pairs Volleyball Tournament. Those who are “registered” are paid in full.


  1. Angela Dutch and Jeff Peh

  2. Denis Dyer and Jackie Sebetovsky

  3. Leigh Whalen and Aven Cole

  4. Tyler Crowdis and Andrea Daniels

  5. Pierette Nantel and Geoffrey Franklin

  6. Paula Beck-Mackenzie and Roger Coolen

  7. William Hirtle and Cynthia Sarka

  8. Jason Mossman and Tricia Townsend

  9. Robert Panahi and Lianne Wilson

  10. Scott Thomson and Sarah Covey

  11. Laura Lee Markusson and Dave Conrad

  12. Glenn Briand and Renee Gaudet

  13. Kimberly Black more and Richard Gavin

  14. Nikki Parliment and John Muir

  15. Gillian Clarke and Jason Warren

  16. Paddy Wong and Kate Harnish

  17. Moriah Rose and Denny Neufield

  18. Jorma Greenwood and Amanda Nicholson

  19. Kristen Welsh and Ben Welsh