Registered Pairs For February 10th 2007

Here are the registered pairs for the February 10th Pairs Tournament.

  1. Barry Browne and Michelle Ryan

  2. Cindy Davis and Craig Maclachlan

  3. Jeff Peh and Gillian Clarke

  4. Mike Hall and Michaela Flethcher

  5. Glenn Briand and Renee Gaudet

  6. Leigh Whalen and Andrea Melnyk

  7. Kristen Welsh and Ben Welsh

  8. Damion Stapleton and Shawna Shirley

  9. Ryan Hartlen and Crystal “Spike It” Hawkins

  10. Tyler Crowdis and Tracey Wilcox

  11. Scott Thompson and Heidi Hiltz

  12. Susan Sparkes and Danny Godfry

  13. Andrew Jeans and Erin Joudrey

  14. Paula Beck Mackenzie and Dan Auffrey

  15. Denis Dyer and Jackie Sebetovsky

  16. Angela Dutch and John Skelton

  17. Paddy Wong and Darlene White Beaulieu

  18. Cynthia MacDonald and Steve Doody

  19. Tina Smith and Danny Holloway

Waiting List

  1. Robert Panahi and Arlene Perry

  2. Barry Smith and Christiane German

  3. Anita King and Eero Teene

  4. Steve Simmons and Sophie Arsenault