Registered Pairs For October 20th 2007 Tournament

Here are the players who have signed up for the October 20th Pairs Volleyball Tournament. Those who are “registered” are paid in full.

Registered Pairs

  1. Glenn Briand and Renee Gaudet

  2. Barry Browne and Susan Sparkes

  3. Paula Beck-Mackenzie and Dan Auffrey

  4. Danny GodfrEy and Cindy Davis

  5. Robert Panahi and Catherine Byrne

  6. Mike Hall and Darlene White Beaulieu

  7. Scott Thomson and Heidi Hiltz

  8. Denis Dyer and Jackie Sebetovsky

  9. Cynthia MacDonald and Shannon Hicks

  10. Leigh Whalen and Aven Cole

  11. Paddy Wong and Gayle MacDonald

  12. Laura Lee Markusson and Tim Markusson

  13. Ivan Howard and Gillian Clarke

  14. Ben Welsh and Kristen Welsh

  15. Jeff Peh and Ellie Eville

  16. Andrew Jeans and Ramona Coolen