Registered Pairs For September 29th 2007 Tournament

Here are the currently registered pairs for the September 29th tournament.

Registered Pairs

  1. Barry Browne and Susan Sparkes

  2. Glenn Briand and Renee Gaudet

  3. Danny Godfry and Cindy Davis

  4. Jeff Peh and Angela Dutch

  5. Jim Bethune and Ellie Eville

  6. Denis Dyer and Jackie Sebetovsky

  7. Andrew Jeans and Jocelyn Casford

  8. Robert Panahi and Jesse Robinson

  9. Paddy Wong and Darlene White Beaulieu

  10. Paula Beck-Mackenzie and Dan Auffrey

  11. Andrew Gilyan and Alex Quinn

  12. Ben Welsh and Kristen Welsh

  13. Ian Smith and Gillian Clarke

  14. Ivan Howard and Kate Johnson

  15. Mike Hall and Gayle McDonald

  16. Michelle Tanner and Ron McGraw