Results from June 2 2007 Pairs Volleyball Tournament

Thank you all for coming out to our last tournament of the season, and making season three a complete success. During the off season (AKA, the beach season), please take the time to drop us a line if you would like us to run more of the singles tournaments, or if you would like us to increase or decrease the number of events we have during the year. Here are the results of the tournament.

  1. Angela and Ivan +65

  2. Calvin and Stephanie +36

  3. Denis and Jackie +30

  4. Laura Lee and Tim +27

  5. Dan and Paula +21

  6. Susan and Shannon +20

  7. Ben and Kristen +17

  8. Aven and Chris +9

  9. Ron and Lori-Beth 5

  10. Renee and Glenn -5

  11. Andrew and Jocelyn -7

  12. Jeff and Gillian -10

  13. Mike and Darlene -14

  14. Robert and Deanne -18

  15. Barry and Tina -27

  16. Cynthia and Shaun -29

  17. Gail and Yasser -32

  18. Cindy and Danny -33

  19. Stan and Jane -54

We look forward to seeing you all in September for more Pairs Volleyball Tournaments.

p.s. The newest photos are posted in the gallery.