September 29th 2007 Tournament Results

Thank you all for coming out to our first tournament of the year. The pictures we took on Saturday have been posted in the gallery section of the site. We hope to have the video up by next weekend.

Our next tournament will be held on October 20th at Auburn High in Dartmouth. Registration will open for this shortly.

Below are the results of yesterdays tournament. Congratulations to the top five teams who walked away with some fantastic Outthand prizes, and of course the cash prize for our winning pair. See you all in three weeks.

  1. Andrew and Jocelyn +43

  2. Ben and Kristen +25

  3. Mike and Gayle +19

  4. Jeff and Angela +17

  5. Paddy and Darlene +16

  6. Ian and Gillian +11

  7. Michelle and Ron +5

  8. Paula and Dan +4

  9. Barry and Susan -3

  10. Denis and Jackie -5

  11. Danny and Cindy -18

  12. Jim and Ellie -20

  13. Ivan and Kate -21

  14. Glenn and Renee -21

  15. Robert and Jesse -54