Singles Tournament - Registration

Registration is now open for the first “singles” tournament of the year. The tournaments work in the exact same way the pairs tournaments work, with the exception being, that you do not have a partner. 38 players = 38 teams. Time to figure our who’s partner has been carrying them through all those Pairs Tournaments. The singles tournament will be on the the 29th of November at 9:00am. The cost is the same as the pairs tournament ($17.50 per player) As always, prizes will be given out to the top “teams” following the tournament. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Registered Teams

  1. Barry Browne

  2. Michelle Ryan

  3. Kerri Kean

  4. Pierette Nantel

  5. Robert Panahi

  6. Tyler Crowdis

  7. Jorma Greenwood

  8. John Muir

  9. Amanda Nicholson

  10. Arlene Perry

  11. Denis Dyer

  12. William Hirtle

  13. Sarah Macguire

  14. Gayle MacDonald

  15. Bryan Hue

  16. Brad Stronach

  17. Ben Welsh

  18. Kristen Welsh

  19. Jeff Peh

  20. Chelsea Farr

  21. Gillian Clarke

  22. Kimberly Blackmore

**Waiting List **

  1. Maria Koutovenko

  2. Jackie Sebetovsky

  3. Andrew Jeans

  4. Paul Poirier

  5. Jason Warren

  6. Paddy Wong